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I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples

Mother Teresa - #

Jedidiah Trust

Jedidiah Trust was registered on 23 February 2000. The Trustees of the trust are: Erni Visser, Vaughan Coetzee, Chris de Wet and Vanessa Visser. The Trust is registered as a Non-profit Organisation in terms of Non-profit Organisations Act, 1997. The Trusts beneficiaries are ‘the POOR’ of Africa. The poor in our definition do not only refer to monetary poor, but also include spiritually poor.

The Trust registrations:
Master: IT 1874/00 and
Non-profit Organisations: 031-582-NPO

The main objective is to equip and empower ‘poor’ with sustainable and .

rewarding projects / opportunities. The Trusts beneficiaries are ‘the POOR’ of Africa. The poor, in our definition, does not only refer to a financial standing, but also to opportunities, no access to funding, skills and abilities. Our values are Kingdom biblical values.

Our global vision (Isaiah 42 verses 1 – 9):
“To restore the Poor, by empowering them with their own sustainable projects within a business structure
that allows growth, restoration, support and mentoring”

We take the ‘poor’; identify their needs, abilities, skills, potential and then empower them to take their rightful place in society helping their own families.

  • Stabilize their situation – a hungry person can’t concentrate or learn
  • Attend to the basic needs, health, home and family
  • Evaluate their skills, dreams, abilities and what they have
  • Identify the ‘gap’ that needs help

  • Basic training (if required) – could be basic literacy and or life skills
  • Develop skills required for the venture identified
  • Assist with their basic business and financial plan
  • If required, facilitate a co-operative or other legal structure
  • Assist with their capital needs, either internally or from an external source
  • Assist with implementation

  • Assist with placing within the support structures of Segametsi Hope or in a permanent job
  • Monitor, mentor and help through the business growth phase
  • Help with networking and interaction with formal sector


Our Process: